Powering down Powered by Ads

Powering down Powered by Ads

I have decided that, after 10 issues, I am going to stop writing Powered by Ads.

I started the newsletter when I decided to step away from my role at the company I founded with my father. I wanted a way to stay in touch with publishers and stay connected to the ad world. Much as I still love, and am a huge vocal fan of, ad supported publishing I no longer feel like that is my world.

Ad management was just one chapter in my digital career. The reality is that  I am a digital entrepreneur who loves online marketing. Over the last 25 years I've used those skills to sell software, websites, toys, jewellery, advertising, app development, and the product and services of many clients. My days are now increasingly filled by helping other businesses power up their inbound marketing, and that is now where I want to focus.

Thank you so much for reading the past issues. I've really enjoyed doing it and I've loved the conversations it has created. If you would like to follow what I do next, or learn more about how I built and sold a company off the back of inbound marketing please checkout my other Blog here, and/or connect on LinkedIn.

If anyone in the ad space is thinking "Great - there is a gap now. I could do a newsletter like Powered by Ads" then check out this post where I share the process I use to make producing newsletters like this easy. If you would like to buy the subscriber list... tough. :)

One last plug: In those 25 years I have done next to zero outbound marketing. No email spamming, cold calling, active networking or sales teams. I've build organic traffic and closed sales through inbound marketing. If you would like to do the same, I'd love to show you how. Find me here.