Past Issues

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Issue #10: Late March 2022

  • Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) to be retired next year... but you need to act now
  • Prebid has its first full-time president and wants more publishers to get involved
  • Blockthrough shares data on ad block rates
  • Meta fined $18.6 million for GDPR breaches
  • No dumb questions
  • Wrapping up

Issue #9: Early March 2022

  • 80% of publishers failing to recover revenue from ad blocking
  • DMCA takedowns can tank traffic by 89%
  • Cloudflare users need to change this setting
  • LiveRamp and TDD tackle competition ID standards... by launching a new ID Standard
  • Desktop Page Experience Update Complete
  • Ukraine War Impact on Publishers
  • Have an ads or publishing question?
  • More stories in short
  • Wrapping up

Issue #8: Late February 2022

  • Ad consent solutions might be illegal in Europe
  • TCF ruling may benefit Google
  • Reader's question: Should I just delete my ad consent script?
  • Another reader's question: First party data
  • GDPR hit small/medium businesses hardest
  • Ad Blocking Survey - take two
  • Vulnerabilities found in popular publisher plugins for Wordpress
  • France agrees with Austria: Google Analytics has a privacy problem.
  • Facebook numbers fall for the first time
  • Google launches "Related Search for Content"
  • Google will not retire Cookies until CMA concerns have been addressed
  • The Publishing Show: London - March 8th & 9th
  • Wrapping up

Issue #7: Early February 2022

  • The big MCM Switchover
  • In-content ads now "acceptable"
  • Poll: How do you handle adblocking?
  • Targeted advertising comes under even heavier fire...
  • ...but the ad industry prepares to fight back
  • Now even our fonts breech GDPR
  • Goodbye FLoC, hello Topics API
  • AdSense users reporting bot clicks
  • Your favourite SEO tools just got an upgrade
  • No dumb questions
  • Hire Me!
  • More stories in short
  • Wrapping up

Issue #6: Late January 2022

  • Austria thinks that pretty much everything publishers do is illegal
  • Google accused of stealing from both publishers and advertisers
  • German courts rule in favour of AdBlock Plus... again
  • A $238 Million lesson in consent
  • FTC given go-ahead to pursue the breakup of Meta
  • Instagram testing new subscription offering for creators
  • Reader's question: What is "Dark Social"?
  • No dumb questions
  • Wrapping up

Issue #5: Early January 2022

  • Don't panic! It's just January
  • News closer to home
  • Instant search engine listing just got easier
  • The pandemic "probably won‘t impact the advertising market"
  • No dumb questions
  • Wrapping up - 2022 predictions

Issue #4 : Late December 2021

  • Poll results : Things aren't looking good for the future of AMP
  • Meta offers up "Professional Mode" for Facebook
  • Critical vulnerability in popular WordPress plugin
  • TikTok offers monetisation as it becomes "Bigger than Google"
  • Google gives additional guidance around UGC
  • Ad Vendors still tracking users who opt out
  • AOP proposes protocol for fair link attribution
  • AdSense deactivating inactive accounts
  • No dumb questions
  • More stories in short
  • Until next year...

Issue #3 Early December 2021

  • Poll results : How ready are you for the Cookie-pocalypse?
  • Millions of WordPress sites admin credentials exposed
  • AdSense Matched Content to be retired
  • Google continues with the Q4 surprises
  • AMP loses further favour
  • Question of the month: Investing in AMP content
  • Triopoly hoovers up 2/3 of all US digital ad spend
  • Google gives ground to EU over privacy sandbox
  • New feature alert!! No dumb questions
  • Other news in short
  • Wrapping up

Issue #2 Late November 2021

  • Poll results : How are publishers doing in Q4
  • Question of the month: Are you building first party data?
  • Google's 2-for-1 algo updates
  • ...and another big search change coming
  • GDPR pop-ups aren't just annoying, they breach GDPR too
  • US takes aim at filter bubbles... and misses
  • Outages, hacks and vulnerabilities aplenty
  • Open Bidding for all (almost)
  • And because even an extra issue doesn't cover everything happening in the crazy world of publishing, I wrapped up more stories in short at the end
  • Wrapping up

Issue #1 November 2021

  • Adblocker usage back on the rise
  • Publishers win from Facebook outage
  • Facebook gets all Meta
  • Changes to review structured data
  • Supply chain issues threaten Q4 earnings
  • What Adsense's move to first price means for you
  • Question of the month
  • How am I doing?